Will all new cars be electric in 2040? Industry survey: only 39% believe it can be achieved

Under climate goals set by the U.S. government, half of all new cars and light trucks sold in the country should be zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Among them, California has set 2035 as the deadline for banning the sale of fuel vehicles.

Virgin Orbit suspends operations for a week

After Ryzen 9 7950X3D and Ryzen 7900 X3D were released from the market, many players and netizens suggested that 3D V-Cache is so easy to use, can it be placed on a notebook?In theory, this is entirely possible, depending on how AMD chooses.

New Bing daily active users exceed 100 million, mainly due to the integration of AI chatbots

You probably don't remember AMD's Ryzen 3 4300G (Renoir) APU from mid-2020. Once an OEM exclusive SKU, this quad-core Zen 2 processor is finally hitting retail. Given its age, the Ryzen 3 4300G is far from being able to compete with the best CPUs; however, if AMD gets it cheap enough, it will no doubt be a hit.

The cost of factory construction has risen, and it is rumored that Intel wants the German government to pay an extra $5 billion

Intel has been competing with rivals such as TSMC and Samsung Electronics for relevant government subsidies, so early approval of projects is crucial for the company. Last year, Intel announced local business expansion plans in Europe totaling 33 billion euros, including setting up a research center in France and expanding the company's existing chip factory in Ireland.

Busting the Myths of Digitalization—Is Your Online Life Polluting the Planet?

Concepts like paperless offices, telecommuting and virtual meetings often have a lower environmental impact, but McLean said these can be examples of 'digital solutions'.

The six columns move towards the foreground, and the data intelligence business joins the China region

Apple becomes the first brand to hold eight of the top 10 best-selling smartphones in 2022, according to Counterpoint Research’s recently released Global Monthly Mobile Phone Model Sales Tracker. The remaining two positions are occupied by Samsung. In 2022, the top 10 lists will contribute 19% of total global smartphone sales, the same as in 2021.

Industrial transformation and upgrading is the only way for the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry

China's economy has entered a new stage of high-quality development. As a representative of the high-tech manufacturing industry, Li Dongsheng believes that industrial transformation and upgrading, green and low-carbon development, and the layout of the global industrial chain are the keys to achieving high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

More electric vehicles will be launched in the Chinese market

Anker’s 73Since this period of time, the news about the new generation of iPhone 15 series has become more and more intensive. If nothing else, the series will continue to launch four models including iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra. The latter two will bring upgrades in many aspects and have received a high degree of attention. Recently, some foreign media have further brought more details of the machine.

Automakers Showcase In-Car Entertainment and Gaming

New regulations on semiconductor control in the Netherlands ASML's mature DUV lithography machine will not be affected!

Under pressure from the United States, the Dutch government confirmed on the 8th that it will implement new export controls before the summer. According to reports, the new export control involves the most advanced immersion deep ultraviolet lithography (DUV) equipment, ASML said in response, the new control includes the most advanced deposition and immersion lithography (immersion lithography) equipment, the company will Apply for an export license for a state-of-the-art immersion DUV system.

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