Will all new cars be electric in 2040? Industry survey: only 39% believe it can be achieved

Under climate goals set by the U.S. government, half of all new cars and light trucks sold in the country should be zero-emission vehicles by 2030. Among them, California has set 2035 as the deadline for banning the sale of fuel vehicles. In some European countries, 2040 seems to be the end of fuel vehicles, and the UK even hopes to ban the sale of fuel vehicles in 2030. Automakers on every continent are scrambling to make the transition to electrification as they begin to phase out internal combustion engine vehicle lines.

But a survey of the auto industry by electrical equipment maker ABB Robotics and Automotive Manufacturing Solutions magazine showed some pessimism that those goals would be met. When asked "Is it realistic to achieve 100% electric vehicle production between 2030 and 2040 to achieve the goal of different regions", only 11% answered in the affirmative, and less than 10% of European respondents believed that this goal could be reached. accomplish. This compares with 12% and 17% of North American and Asian respondents, respectively, who hold similar views.