New Bing daily active users exceed 100 million, mainly due to the integration of AI chatbots

Microsoft said "several million active users" are trying out the preview version of Bing's AI-integrated chat feature, and about a third of them are people who haven't used Bing before. Microsoft also attributes this to the slow but steady growth of its Microsoft Edge browser. The Microsoft Edge browser sets Bing as the default search engine. If the user insists on switching to another search engine, the Edge browser will repeatedly prompt the user to switch back to Bing.

Microsoft launched its AI chatbot feature in Bing in "limited preview" a month ago, using OpenAI's Large Language Model (LLM) as the technology behind it. So far, Microsoft has made some adjustments to the behavior of bots, addressing the problem of bots sometimes appearing strange and threatening content in the conversation. One of the changes was to limit the number of responses the chatbot could give in a single instance, because the longer the session, the more likely the bot's responses would wander off. More recently, Microsoft has also introduced some "personalization" features for chatbots, making answers more direct or interesting.