The six columns move towards the foreground, and the data intelligence business joins the China region

n the product side, the letter also mentioned an important change, which is the "accelerated 3S transformation" strategy. The data intelligence professional technical service business and management consulting and innovation business of the data intelligence business group joined Lenovo China. This will further strengthen the strength of Lenovo's solution service team, and further strengthen the granularity and coverage cycle of Lenovo's solutions.

Prior to this, Lenovo's offerings for enterprise services have covered an enterprise intelligent transformation framework, an intelligent maturity model, an intelligent transformation planning package, and new IT full-stack full-cycle services (including new The "1+1+1+N" intelligent transformation "combination boxing" of IT products, solution deployment, and continuous operation and maintenance services) provides detailed intelligent maturity diagnosis reports and related consulting and specific information for enterprises looking forward to transformation Practice services, and extend to the design, delivery and operation and maintenance of solutions, accompanying the intelligent growth of enterprises.